Formulas of acid and base

 List the formulas of  acid and base

Hello friends, welcome to blog, today we are going to discuss and list the formula's of acid and base.
The earlier classification of substances into acid and base according to their characteristics and properties. For example an acid is a substance  with the sour taste and turns blue Litmus to red also liberate hydrogen with active metal like sodium, potassium, calcium etc.
A base is a substance with the bitter taste and turns red litmus to blue and have a soap touch.For example NaOH , KOH etc.

Various theories and modern concept explain acid and base are based on the structure and composition. Three theories concept's explain the acidic and basic character of a substance. These are Arrhenius concept, bronsted lowry concept and Lewis concept.

These theories helps to identify  a substance whether it is a strong or weak acid / base.

In 1884 an Arrhenius  proposed the theory of acid and base. According to this,


  Acids are substances which produce(dissociates) hydrogen ion(H+) when mixed with water.It has its own chemical properties and characteristics when react others.
For example:-


  Base are substances which produce(dissociates) hydroxide ion(OH-) when mixed with water.
 While studying remember "properties of Acids and Bases" all bases do not dissolve in water. An alkali is a base that dissolves in water. Common alkali's are NaOH Sodium hydroxide KOH Potassium hydroxide
For example:-

what is the formula for hydrofluoric acid- HF
phosphorous acid formula-H3PO4
hydrobromic acid formula-HBr

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